Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Patient's Fight of His Life with Richard Isaacs, MD

A Makahu father with a rare form of cancer is being denied a drug that may give him more time with his four young children.

James Grieve, 44, was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumour (DSRCT) last July, when the family were living in Perth.

Grieve told his oncologist the family, who were originally from Britain, were only in Perth on a work visa and he and his wife Victoria wanted to take their children home to Taranaki.

But they were told it was a very aggressive sarcoma and he had to start chemo straight away, Grieve said.

“He made it clear I was going to die. I was going through chemo because I have four kids and something was better than nothing.”

After six rounds of chemo, nothing had changed, he said, so they came home.

But before they left, Grieve’s oncologist in Australia gave him three months worth of a trial drug, Pazopanib, which may inhibit the tumour’s growth and give him more time with his four young children.

However, back home in New Zealand Pharmac won’t fund the drug, which costs $10,000 for three months supply.

In a letter to MidCentral oncologist Dr. Richard Isaacs, Pharmac said if Grieve was granted Pazopanib, people with other soft tissue sarcomas would also apply, because there was no clinical evidence to support the use of the drug specifically for DSCRT rather than other soft tissue sarcomas.

So, because of the “possible budget risk” Grieve’s application was declined, the letter said.

Isaacs said Pharmac could define strict criteria for access to the drug, which would limit the expense.

“This drug is funded for advanced kidney cancer and is quite commonly used in that setting, meaning New Zealand clinicians have experience with the drug.”

DSCRT is an aggressive and rare tumour that occurs in the abdomen, Isaacs said. MidCentral Regional Cancer Treatment Service, which covers 500,000 people, sees less than one case a year.

The United States-run trial Grieve was treated on in Australia recommended Pazopanib for relapsed disease, as did the clinicians at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, probably the biggest sarcoma unit in Europe, Isaacs said.

“When we have a rare tumour, we try and follow expert advice, hence my application to Pharmac for funding.

"Soft tissue sarcoma includes a number of different diseases, some of which have been shown to benefit from Pazopanib,” Isaacs said.

James Grieve said he was a realist.

“I know there is no evidence to say (Pazopanib) works, but I know I feel better. I feel a hundred times better. I upped the steroids on the same day. I don’t know what, but something is making the difference.”

Victoria Grieve said she couldn’t afford $40,000 a year to prolong her husband’s life.

With no income for the past nine months the family had been working through their savings.

The chemo didn’t work and the tumours were too extensive for radiation and surgery, she said.

“If we find that this does work, can’t we just give the guy a break and let him spend some more time with his kids?”

Pharmac director of operations Sarah Fitt said she couldn’t comment on individual cases.

“But we do sympathise with the situation this patient is in. In making decisions for individual patients, Pharmac looks very closely at the patient’s individual situation and health need. Pharmac also needs to take into account the wider implications of individual patient decisions, such as the need to be fair to other patients seeking treatment for other conditions.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gilles Peterson Worldwide Blog on Happy New Year // Gilles P Looking Back On 2011

Not sure if it’s new or old but I just watched this LENNONYC doc on the plane. Really good – Yoko is amazing throughout – a really good insight to a remarkable artist.

So here we are again, as the clock ticks on and a new year kicks in… 2012 should be amazing for us east Londoners as the Olympics are coming! It’s gonna be big – I’m not leaving Hackney in August. I wanna take it all in… even if I never managed to get tickets… and Lord did I try!

I’m playing in Jakarta for NYE – I played here 2 years ago and loved it – and the thought of a few days in the sun was too good to miss, especially after the madness of the last month.

I’m going to announce the shortlist for the Worldwide Awards on Tuesday… by the way, in case you didn’t know – the shortlist is chosen by a panel of ‘esteemed’ music fans who happen to know each other through the Browns wood Forum. We had our annual meeting just before Christmas and spent a few hours discussing the year in music… so it’s not entirely my list, but a well discussed ‘Mercury Prize’ style breakdown. All roads lead to the awards on 21st Jan at Koko – be quick if you want tickets as it’s gonna be sold out within the next few days I’m sure.

2011 has been unforgettable for me. Firstly, and most importantly from a personal point of view, I completed a marathon. Yes I know – completely boring to anyone who doesn’t run, but to me a landmark moment completing in 4 hours 44… and I have to say going past Big Ben in the final straight is up there with the greatest moments of my life (next to drinking Romanee Conti 1961 and the birth of my kids!!). Next stop Tokyo marathon Feb 26 (oh shiiiiit!)

Obviously, I fell back into my DJ being, but at least I managed to do something that got me into shape and also attracted interest to the Steve Reid Foundation which was set up to aid musicians and celebrate the spirit and work of a great master. The Foundation will continue to work alongside the Musicians Benevolent 

Fund this year. We released a tribute record put together by Nick
Woodmansey and his group Emanative – it’s gone down really well – and many thanks also to Kieren Hebden for a great edit and heavy sponsorship of my run!

I want to thank Ayian as well, who has been working closely on how to develop the Foundation – we’re going to broadcast a ‘drumathon’ when the new “Brownswood studio” is completed around April time… watch this space.

Talking of Brownswood, as you may know I moved out of the building in April for a much needed renovation – it was meant to take 4 months but as with most projects like this, its taken 3 times that long! It’s also meant that I’ve been working from boxes this year and haven’t been able to record radio shows and interviews in the same homely comfort as before – so you can imagine how happy I’ll be when the place is ready for a whole new lift off – cannot wait.

This year kicked off with the release of the latest book that I’ve worked on with Stuart Baker from Soul Jazz: Bossa Nova and the rise of Brazilian Music in the 60′s – if you don’t have one already, where have you been! You can get it HERE. We’re currently working on something Latin, taking in Cuba and everything Nuyorican – hopefully something will come out this year. These books are such fun to do and help me reacquaint myself with my record collection.

Cuba has been another regular destination of mine these last couple of years – so it was great to get another chance to develop my relationship with that country and its musicians. For the second volume of the Havana Cultura series which came out in the Autumn I went over with Vince Vella, Simbad and Mala to add some different spices – January recordings with Roberto Fonseca allowed me some time to work on arrangements and go back in April to complete. Mala even played a DMZ set on a night off and true Dubstep (not Skrillex!!) landed in Havana – memorable! Mala’s version of Havana Cultura will come out in the spring – it’ll blow your head off!

We toured the project this autumn too – great shows in Berlin and Istanbul amongst others – and big thanks to the whole band for making it such a laugh – with Fonseca unavailable for the live shows I was a bit worried, but thankfully Roberto Carcasses did his thing and the project took on a whole new vibe. By the way Roberto Fonseca recorded a new album in Paris (which I partly co-produced) and it sounds amazing – great collabs with Mike Ladd and Fatoumata Diawara amongst others.

Label wise we had a good one at Brownswood – well, good considering hardly anyone buys records anymore! Ghostpoet went from strength to strength and even got nominated for a Mercury and the Owiny Sigoma Band delivered a staggering Kenyan/London mash-up – the most memorable show being in Brussels during the early summer – big up to Lefto for pulling out the stops at lightning speed – and doing a great live session with them for his show on Studio Brussels.

Zara McFarlane released her debut album too – I’m so excited about this young lady. Her early recordings had been passed onto me via Simbad and Bopstar and it’s been so satisfying to release great vocal jazz – I get the same tingles of excitement as when we released Jose James’ music… watch her grow. In fact I’ll be touring with her around the UK in April (Dingwalls vibes) – and she’s already working on album 2…

The comps did well too – Brownswood Bubblers continues to focus on the more soulful end of electronica and the worldwide family collection from Simbad and Lefto began a series focusing on likeminded DJs to celebrate the left side with great artwork by Grems – next up is Kutmah who’ll be out in March. Alex Stevenson followed up his Electric series with a brilliant volume 2 and has been busy A+R’ing the forthcoming Gang Colors album which is sounding special and should be out before Easter too – he’s also started releasing some gems on his Earnest Endeavours label and done some great radio on NTS Live which I have to say has been the most played radio station in my kitchen – big ups to Marshmellow and the irrepressible Thristian (aka the BPM) who’s just gone from strength to strength this year with the Boiler Room sessions… big tings agwaaaan! Thanks also to Fawaz and his great support at the label this year – he too started his own imprint – Push & Run – releasing Pedestrian and Ifan Dafydd 12″s – quality stuff.

I released a comp with Ministry Of Sound called Masterpiece which was great fun to do – the interview about the CD with Ross Allen was one of the most well received podcasts of the year – but nothing touched the David Rodigan show – wow – what a response! He was also immense at the Worldwide Festival this year – as was James Blake in the theatre – possibly my music ‘moment’ of the year being in the encore when he performed a monstrous version with Latin ending of CMYK – still need a copy of that! But the live gig of the weekend had to be The Pyramids who came across like a Sun Ra show with added Blues and consciousness… check the podcast HERE.

The Festival as a whole was a huge success – even though it ended with me cracking a rib whilst running across stage and tripping up over a monitor – don’t ask! All that I can tell you is that landing in Laurent Garnier’s lap unable to breath was surreal… it took 3 months before I could sleep normally again. The festival next year will go for a whole week (July 3 til 10) – so be prepared – line-up should be announced soon and yes, we’ll be doing more club nights in the outdoor theatre too – Mala vs Rodigan vs Channel One is more or less confirmed and me vs Moodyman looks like it could happen too.

I really enjoyed gigging this year – did less festivals and more all night long sessions. One of the best events was in Tokyo at the Liquid Room for the annual Worldwide Showcase. The event, organised by Mari Kimura (my Japanese angel!) and the folks at Jwave/Shalala has become one of the highlights of the year. This year was themed around the birthday of John Coltrane and made extra sense following the horrific disaster that struck Japan this year – Masa Sextet, Soil&Pimp Sessions (joined by Robert Glasper on one song) and an incredible tap show from Kazu Kamagai were all unreal and so good to have 1000 people letting off to some spiritual jazz – only in Japan!

Difficult to do lists but super memorable nights included The Mod Club – Toronto / The Block – Tel Aviv / Hot Flush party – Berlin / Air – Tokyo / Lift – LA / Bateau Concorde Atlantique – Paris / Strictly Niceness – Brussels/ Dingwalls – London and as always Rootdown in Freiburg…

You know, the thing about what I do that I love the most still – is playing out – basically I started as a DJ and will end as a DJ! Thanks to everyone who comes out, dances hard and fills the room with deep positive knowing energy – I love you!

Save-the-DJ record of the year this year was probably the Adele/Jamie xx remix – with strong support from tracks by Julio Bashmore, Lovebirds feat Stee Downwes and anything in Rainer Truby’s box. Jazz wise Austin Peralta, Matthew Hallsall, Greg Foat Group, Bad Bad Not Good, Finn Peters, Richard Spaven, Tigran Hamasyan, Robert Mitchell all delivered.

Tropical wise – Owiny Sigoma Band, DRC Music, Fatoumata Diawara, Bjork and Omar Souleyman, Lucas Santana, Fresh Touch, Mo Kolours, Seun Kuti… too many comps to mention but constant respect to Sofrito, Analog Africa, Soundway, Honest Jon’s and Strut and the brilliant album ‘Oi! A Musica Nova Brasileira on Mais Um Discos’…

Bands and stuff – The Stepkids, The Park, Michael Kiwanuka, The Weeknd, Liz Green, King, Obenewa, Nick Mulvey, Frank Ocean, Tanya Auclair, 2morrow’s Victory… Maida Vale Sessions one off tracks – Raphael Saadiq ‘The Answer’, Nicolas Jaar’s ‘Ishmael’ should both be released commercially!

So many great albums – Little Dragon, Sbtrkt, Thundercat, Hype Williams, Machinedrum, Shlohmo, Dimlite, James Blake, Africa Hitek, Locussolus, Grey Reverend… Producers – Addison Groove, Marlow, EVM, Ifan Dafydd, DJ Rum, Gerry Reid, Koreless, Mr Raoul K, Tall Black Guy, Objekt, Stubborn Heart, fLako, Blawan, Onra… the list goes on and on…

I spent many hours in record shops even if there aren’t as many as there used to be – Sounds of the Universe, Kristina, Cosmos, Disc Union, Phonica, SuperFly… please keep doing it guys!

Big up the dealers – here I keep the names to myself as it’s secret information – but you know how you are… Radio show of the year has to be Loefah on Rinse FM – he does it good and proper – funny with great music – proper Northern vibes too -big up DJ Parrot the original Sheffield soldier – only in the UK! Ross Allen always delivers, Nihal does amazing stuff every week (gonna miss our record swap mate) and Peter Allen on 5live (the master!!)

Download of the year – I still need my weekly fix – has to be Kermode and Mayo’s film reviews – they remain the best double act on radio. Coming in second and rising: Football weekly from The Guardian – yes James Richardson – always on point – and Barry Glendenning an essential bounce off man… Football brain of the year has to go to Philippe Auclair from France football – the man is KNOWLEDGE… and probably enjoys late night chats with Arsene Wenger! Sky pundit has to go to Gary Neville who I used to hate with a vengeance but now can’t get enough of – a bit like spinach…BBC pundit – Lee Dixon – a better pundit than he was a footballer… (and he wasn’t at all bad!)

Music blogs:

Paul Bradshaw’s ‘Ancient to Future’ is essential for all those of you who still miss Straight No Chaser.Pitchfork – always a good read – first with the Sam Rivers news…

Films of the year – thought it was quite a disappointing year actually – maybe I didn’t see enough films – Melancholia caught me off guard and ‘Drive’ had a killer cast but the best film I saw by miles was ‘Shame’ – the new one from Steve McQueen who did Hunger – I saw it at the BFI London Film festival and, if only for Carey Mulligan’s performance of ‘New York New York’ I can’t believe there’ll a better film to see in 2012…

I’m out of time. Need to get my set ready for tonight at Loewy in Jakarta… what to play at midnight??? The annual dilemma! To end with thanks so much for all your support on the news of my leaving Radio 1. It was quite breathtaking to see so much reaction to the radio show. 

Happy New Year!!


P.S. Thanks to all the team at Brownswood for their ongoing drive and hard work in the search for the perfect beat… Simon Goffe, Mita (and Emily),
Alex, Fawaz, Ollie, Arthur and Peggy. Thanks to Toshio Matsura in Tokyo and Maurice Bernstein in New York. All the radio stations that continually host the worldwide radio show. Love to Remy KK in Paris. Thanks to Simbad and Lefto and all the diggers who help me week in week out sourcing the new music. Big Up to Earl Zinger who got me through the marathon and coffee maintenance. Cheers to my Radio 1 and Jwave producers Alex Kenning, Dave O’Donnell, Lucy Madge, Tom Green and Charis Blyth… and thanks to Francois Renie at Havana Club for his cigar smoke!


We’re pleased to announce that BADBADNOTGOOD will be joining us for another instalment of live Boiler Room X Brownswood Basement Sessions. A firm Brownswood and Gilles Peterson favourite – the jazz trio from Toronto, Ontario are on tour around the EU to promote the release of their new album III. Sure to be a good one... Don’t sleep!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Meir Ezra: When in Doubt, Communicate!

You may remember being told as a child, "Keep quiet!" "Children should be seen, not heard," and "You talk too much." You were a "good" kid if you kept quiet. However, being quiet when you are little causes big problems later in life.

As an adult, you may have been punished for communicating. For example, if you admit you committed a crime and are sorry about it, no one cares. You still go to jail. If you honestly tell your spouse you are thinking about an affair, your marriage suffers if your spouse is not very understanding. If you tell someone you feel a little crazy, who knows what might happen. So you learn to keep your mouth shut.

However, businesses fail when managers do not talk to employees or employees do not talk to customers. Everyone mistakenly believes telepathy is working. "I thought you knew I was unhappy with your performance." "You should have known I was overworked."

Marriages are ruined by poor communication. Rather than openly discuss sex, money, body problems or whatever, couples hint about their concerns or simply say nothing. But without support and understanding from your primary teammate, you do not go as far. In fact, a bad marriage can ruin everything in your life. Both parties in a successful marriage are able to give and receive communication from their spouse on any subject.

Life is miserable if you have no one to openly communicate with. Friendships are based on communication. The lack of friends or a spouse to communicate with often leads to mental problems.

So the first communication skill you need is to get out there and talk.

Unfortunately, on some topics, you’ve learned to watch what you say, to keep it under your hat, to zip it up.

"So that is the basic lesson that anybody learns in this universe. They learn to keep their mouth shut, and it’s the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk. When in doubt, communicate." — L. Ron Hubbard

Whenever you have doubts about something, COMMUNICATE! Talk, talk, talk until the problem resolves. When you feel stress, disagreement or resistance between you and someone near you, the wrong thing to do is ignore the problem. Instead, start communicating.

When you know you should say something, say it! For example, an employee knows another employee is embezzling money and so says something to the employee and/or boss. A doctor knows he must talk to a patient about the patient’s rude behavior to the office staff. An employer knows she must discuss poor performance issues with some employees.

Take the bull by the horns. Move ahead in life. Spit it out.

If you’re worried about the consequences of saying something, you can ask first. Examples:

"Lisa, I want to say something about your driving to help keep you out of accidents, but I don’t want to upset you. Can I tell you what I think or should I keep my mouth shut?"

"Boss, should I tell you if I think you are giving me bad advice?"

"John, our marriage means so much to me I don’t want to say anything that would jeopardize it. But I have done something wrong and I’m sorry I did it. I think it would be good for our relationship if I told you. Don’t you think it’s best if we are 100% honest with each other?"

"Can you listen to something unfortunate I have to say and remain calm? Are you ready?"

In the long run, you are always better off by communicating. Take responsibility and talk. Staying silent solves nothing.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Formation de l'Arizona & examen profil Centre d'évaluation (groupe AZTÈQUE)


Depuis plus de 35 ans, AZTEC a toujours été engagé à s'acquitter de sa mission de "Partenariats mettant l'accent sur opportunités thru Person-Centered vivant et emploi" (personnes) et à fournir d'excellents programmes et services à des centaines d'enfants et d'adultes ayant une déficience intellectuelle.

AZTEC s'efforce de donner les meilleures chances aux personnes handicapées, qui comprend une approche multidimensionnelle et écologique à la croissance personnelle. Cela les aidera à s'impliquer profondément dans le choix de leur mode de vie, d'apprentissage et travaillant au sein de la société.

Basé sur l'examen récent de l'organisation, cette approche révèle également l'interaction entre les individus dans leur environnement en ce qui concerne la Communauté, offres d'emploi, l'indépendance, participation à l'école, relations, droits et responsabilités, cotisations sociales et bien-être général.

L'équipe AZTÈQUE membres se consacrent à la croyance que les gens souffrant d'un handicap a le droit de développer leur potentiel maximal en dépit de leur niveau de capacité et il faudrait la même dignité et le respect que le reste d'entre nous.

AZTEC peut fournir que tout l'appui significatif nécessaire par les personnes handicapées à atteindre une pleine, heureuse, vie, indépendante et prospère. Leurs programmes et services sont offerts dans différentes communautés de l'Arizona aux régions voisines de Avondale, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise et West Phoenix. L'organisation aura bientôt son expansion dans certains pays asiatiques comme la Malaisie, Singapour et Tokyo, Japon.


Selon les différents commentaires de personnes qui résident en Arizona, AZTEC est l'endroit parfait pour vous si vous cherchez une carrière enrichissante en aider d'autres personnes. Faire partie de leur groupe s'occupant de professionnels qui aident les personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle à vivre une vie épanouie.

Travaux résidentiel AZTÈQUE est principalement situé dans Glendale, Peoria et West Phoenix. L'organisation offre des services dans diverses installations telles que communautaires milieu résidentiel ainsi que les programmes de jour à domicile et communautaires en fonction des paramètres de l'emploi.


Programmes de services pour adultes offrent une formation personnalisée à l'autonomie, autonomie fonctionnelle, prise de conscience sociale et communautaire et développement social pour les personnes âgées de 18 ans. AZTÈQUE se spécialise dans la formation des personnes handicapées à devenir plus indépendants et fournit des occasions d'apprentissage intégrée loisirs et activités de loisirs.

Anciens programmes adultes offrent des activités de formation et thérapeutiques axées sur les besoins sociaux, psychologiques et physiques des personnes âgées. AZTEC comprend que les aînés profiter d'activités amusantes et stimulantes telles qu'arts et métiers, bingo, et participation à des activités intégrées fournies par les centres supérieurs locaux, c'est pourquoi l'organisation donne une grande importance dans le développement d'un environnement confortable et sécuritaire pour les personnes âgées.

Services emploi fournissent des opportunités qui peuvent donner des individus un véritable activités liées à l'éducation et formation professionnelle expériences. Ces services pourraient éventuellement livrées à un atelier-centre ou le chantier communautaire. L'objectif de ce programme est de préparer chaque individu d'avoir un emploi indépendant d'expérience dans le paramètre moins restrictif.

Services résidentiels aider les individus à devenir plus autonome et à interagir au sein de la communauté et de développent appropriés loisirs individuels/collectifs et qualifications du temps social, accueil vivant et personnel maintenance aptitudes, services de santé, communauté intégration et la communication. AZTEC gère plus de 30 foyers de groupe résidentiel situés dans le quartier de West Valley et tous les foyers sont dotés des professionnels dignes de confiance qui sont hautement qualifiés dans divers domaines comme l'administration médicale.

Chaque programme de service de résidence a un coordonnateur des loisirs qui permet de s'assurer que les activités sont bien planifiées selon les besoins des individus dans chaque site résidentiel. Sorties de la Communauté sont administrés et évalués afin de s'assurer que les individus jouissent et apprennent des activités.

AZTEC assure le transport nécessaire aux personnes handicapées pour les transporter vers et à partir des programmes de l'organisation tous les jours. Ils ont une flotte de véhicules et fourgons spécialisés équipés.


Arizona formation et Evaluation Center (AZTEC) est une organisation de 501 c 3 de IRS approuvé privée, sans but lucratif. Il est évident que l'organisation dépend fortement des contributions pour aider à maintenir leur vaste programme communautaire de soutien et de services individuelles, corporatifs et familles. Les dons reçus sont utilisés pour améliorer la qualité de vie des personnes handicapées, servi par l'organisation.


Pour tout renseignement complémentaire concernant l'organisation et les services disponibles pour vous et vos membres de la famille, s'il vous plaît n'hésitez pas à visiter leur site Web à ou contactez-les par téléphone au (623) 412-2888. AZTEC bureaux est ouvertes du lundi au vendredi de 08:00 jusqu'à 16:30.

Monday, August 3, 2015

IGC and Associates Inc Training Consulting Firm USA at Bridging the Gap- Engaging Generational Differences

So what is all this generational talk all about? Slackers, Tech Savvy, lazy, “pay their dues!”, text / IM, fear of change, respectful, job-hoppers, Social Media, lack of loyalty …sound familiar? Today, in most companies, your workforce demographics may include workers from all generations: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. We work with organizations and individuals who are working to increase their awareness and overcome the challenges they face with variety of generations in today’s workforce.

Who are these Traditionalists? Baby Boomers? Generation X? Millennials? To meet the demands of the competition in today’s job market, companies need to rise to the challenge of creating an atmosphere and business strategy that values differences, is open to new ideas, and ready to embrace customers’ and employees’ rising expectations. Additionally, organizations need to focus on how to enhance their training, development, and investment in today’s workforce, particularly in this competitive environment.

We focus on how to breakdown the stereotypes, myths, and realities of our workforce. Particular attention on how these generations deal with and adapt to change. Leaders and team members need to explore from within themselves how to appropriately educate and influence their thinking around generational differences. Subsequently, challenge their focus on their behaviors to rise to the challenge of creating a workforce that is inclusive, open to new ideas, and ready to embrace today’s expectations. Additionally, committing to improving teamwork, driving increased business results, and influencing your organization on how to begin to understand these differences.

Each generation has a unique personality and behavior style. The day of a “one-size-fits-all” training, leadership style, or retention strategies no longer fits with today’s workforce expectations. In order to remain competitive, companies are faced with updating their recruiting/hiring practices, compensation / benefits packages, and life/work balance opportunities. We are dedicated to helping businesses understand their generational differences and drive improved performance among individuals and teams. We partner with businesses to prepare them for the changes and transitions within today’s workforce.

With the recent changes in our economy, downsizing, and well-known companies/businesses disappearing, it becomes even more imperative to understand how to connect and engage with all generations. The younger generations are entering key decision-making and leadership roles. How prepared are they to lead and connect with the older generations? 5-7 years ago, the trend was to educate the Baby Boomers and Traditionalists on how to lead and connect with the Gen Xers. Today, all four generations co-exist in the workplace. It is essential emerging leaders in the younger generations understand how Baby Boomers and Traditionalists like to be lead, informed, and developed. Sending emails and text messages will not be the only answer. We can help!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Alpha One Painting Company Profile

Alpha One Painting is a full service corporation, custom, residential and commercial, painting company. We offer interior and exterior painting, house washing, faux finishes, and sheetrock and carpentry repairs. We're able to provide free estimates for your convenience.

Since the beginning of our firm, our main concern has been meeting our client's needs where we have gathered a myriad of clients who have continuously relied on our expertise like our clients from Tokyo. We accomplish their demands in a professional and timely manner and we make sure that they will be very satisfied with our services.

For those who wonder how our firm has achieved its reputation as one of North Georgia's premier painting contractors, it is because we value our standing as much as we value our client's business. We always pay close attention to detail and think outside the box to make our jobs complete. So you can expect nothing less than a high-quality of complete and custom painting.

We perform quality work on your house because we know that it is your biggest asset, and we don't take that lightly. We enthusiastically accept that responsibility with respect for the sanctity of your home. We have extensive experience in all phases of painting and color coordination. Our remarkable interior painting jobs are the most common type of jobs we do for our clients. We also specialize in residential repaints.

Here are some suggestions that could be beneficial for you if you’re seeking to hire a full-service painting provider just like us. First, ask your family and friends if they have hired a contractor they could recommend. Second, search for a contractor in some consumer services such as Thumbtack for finding and hiring local professionals, since this type of website might be convenient for you. Lastly, always bear in mind to hire someone that is well-experienced in their field of service.

It is important to identify some necessary information about a painting business that will help you choose the right one, such as how many years of experience a firm has, are they licensed and insured, how and where can you verify their credentials, do they offer a warranty, and can they provide you with some references.

With more than two decades of expertise, Alfa One Corporation stood out from other players in the industry because we deliver a high level of perfection and craftsmanship. We strive to exceed our client’s needs by providing them with high-quality services. We enjoy making the ordinary look extraordinary.

We choose Behr Premium at Home Depot as the best paint on the market with the best price. You’d like to spend additional money for the highest quality of paint because cheaper is not better when it comes to paint. Furthermore, use a washable paint and purchase some extra paint all the time, you need to have ½ - 1 gallon for touch-ups down the road.

Our firm has been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award. You can read several handwritten reviews from our previous clients on our website. If you’re an Angie’s list member, don’t forget to check us out and read our reviews.

Why would you settle for less when you can have the best? Discover the Alfa One Advantage.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Discovery Why WE Consulting?

WE Consulting has emerged as the leading recruitment and staffing solutions provider that has set a proven track record for matching the right people to the right organization within the shortest time. With our dedicating all our financial, human resources and defined recruitment processes to a particular market niche and then working on being the best in that niche, gives us a huge competitive advantage. Our network of resources, we have been successfully bridging talented job seekers of the highest calibre to organisations who only want the best in their teams.

In our relentless pursuit of excellent service, our professional researchers and recruiters use a range of cutting-edge techniques, coupled with tenacity and enthusiasm to provide our clients with access to the leading talent, including those not actively seeking a move. We have adopted best practices and dynamic growth strategies in expanding our operations in Singapore reaching out across the Asia Pacific regions.

Monday, May 25, 2015

IHI Enviro Corporation Tokyo Japan: Reserach & Development

Make Dream a Real Asset


Hallucinatory experience caused during sleep, imagination without chance of realizing, vaporous things, nectarous state detached from the reality, wish hoping to realize in the future ... (Daijirin dictionary)

Make Dream a Real Asset. To make the “Dream” as a Real Asset, and to leave it to the next generations, we will challenge with all we have.


Secure the energy, and use it clean

–Energy and environmental technologies, which decrease environmental loads, are drawing more attentions world-wide in recent years.

–On the other hand, diversification of energy resource is required to maintain the social life while covering the active energy requirements of the developing countries.

–IHI is participating in technical development in various approaches for reduction, evaluation, capture, storage and monitoring of emission of CO2, protecting Earth from global warming but still maintaining the cultural life.

Security and Safety


Providing “security and safety” to your life

–IHI is developing nondestructive inspection and residual life evaluation technology necessary to use the bridges and plants with reassurance.

–We are also stepping forward into the security, bio and medical fields.

Monozukuri Manufacturing


 Manufacturing technology supporting the IHI products

–IHI has consistent manufacturing technology utilizing numerical simulation from the designing to manufacturing.

–We realized high added values such as high performance, high reliability, high quality, low cost, low environment load.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Michael Keeley Cornerstone Research Economic And Financial Consulting And Expert Testimony - Employee Retirement Income Security Act (Erisa)

Cornerstone Research has consulted and testified on a variety of ERISA matters, such as the prudence of including a company’s own stock within its defined contribution plans, asset managers’ compliance with pension fund guidelines, calculations of early distributions, and evaluations of actuarial services. We have also evaluated benefits amid bankruptcies and mergers, along with the fiduciary duties of trustees and fund managers, among other complex issues.

Stock Drop Cases
Cornerstone Research has addressed liability and loss causation in litigation over drops in stock prices, providing settlement estimates and damages analyses on cases including class actions and suits that have gone to trial. We have also addressed issuers' and trustees’ allegedly insufficient disclosures of risk factors, volatility thresholds, and performance benchmarks.

We have worked on a variety of ERISA cases focusing on the suitability of specific investments included within retirement plans. We have addressed allegations of misrepresentations in the choices offered to individual participants and plan sponsors; insufficient disclosures about strategy, risks, and performance benchmarks; and securities fraud. We also have addressed ERISA claims involving allegedly improper options grants and other sophisticated benefits issues.

ERISA Company Stock Cases Settlement Database
Cornerstone Research maintains an extensive database of ERISA company stock drop cases, allowing us to provide relevant historical data on cases and settlements to our clients. Our database currently contains 247 cases filed since 1997.

Fee Disputes
A growing number of lawsuits target retirement plan sponsors, trustees, and fund managers for allegedly charging excessive fees. In addition to class certification work on these cases, we analyze damages theories while reviewing specific features of the plans at issue as compared to the defined contribution and benefits industry.

Pensions and Actuarial Issues
Our staff have consulted on a variety of matters involving pensions, including accounting compliance disputes and the impact of defined benefits upon employers’ insolvencies. We have addressed the valuations of annuitized distributions; breach of contract and fiscal duty disputes between plan sponsors, trustees, and asset management providers; valuations of pension and health benefits in the context of terminated plans; portfolio managers’ compliance with pension guidelines; and alleged deficiencies in the data used to calculate actuarial estimates.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

About LTD & Associates Inc.

At LTD & Associates Inc. we believe that knowledge is more valuable and powerful than natural resources and that success comes to the companies that have the best information.

We have the experience and knowledge to implement investigative and security solutions, while working with our client partners, to bring about a realistic and cost effective way of providing desired results.

Knowing and understanding client needs has earned us a solid business reputation, which will continue to effectively respond to all of your immediate and long term investigative and security concerns.

Commitment to Security Solutions

Our entire organization is committed to ensuring that our clients are able to carry out their daily operations without interference from unwanted sources. Furthermore, our investigative and security research personnel have developed and maintain effective strategic alliances, which coupled with many years of combined police service experience, developed at the investigative and management level by the company’s founding principals, allows for prompt, efficient and confidential service.

During the 1980’s the firms owners began a partnership during their police careers, which resulted in the successful completion of a record number of joint Federal, Provincial, Municipal and International security and investigative operations. The year 2000 has seen this effective and professional team once again join forces to establish a truly international firm, committed to providing complete investigative and security services to individuals and businesses both large and small throughout the world.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Westward - Home Page

Westward is a water-inspired full service restaurant and bar located on North Lake Union. Chef Zoi Antonitsas leads the team in new directions, striking a delicious balance between contemporary Northwest and Mediterranean flavors. The approach is natural and continually evolving, reflecting the simplicity of great products, fresh ingredients and the changing seasons. The wood-burning oven is at the heart of the kitchen and is an integral element in the restaurant. Each seat has unique views of the lake and the city and a large deck, fire pit and beach area provides space to sit outside and sip cocktails in the summer, or snuggle in the restaurants wool blankets in the winter. The 150 ft. dock provides boat parking for a meal or an afternoon whiskey. The menu includes imaginative, Mediterranean-influenced fare and delightful small bites.