Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Home Health Care Anti Fraud Policy Practices - Home Health & Hospice Executive Coaching

presentation in conference roomOur unique understanding of strategic planning, operational development, training and education, and professional coaching allow us to identity and focus appropriate resources and assist your organization as you realign yourself for financial and organizational growth. Able to develop winning formulas that translate into workable policies and procedures, Kenyon HomeCare Consulting helps strengthen and develop skills within your organization that encourage and sustain fiscal stability as well as staff growth and development.

Executive Coaching

Kenyon Home Care Consulting encourages leadership success and viability. Working one-on-one with your managers, we offer a wide range of executive support and training that allows managers to access data and resources that support their success. A service that helps management clarify and define goals and then develop accessible ways to implement these new ideas, we provide one-on-one, private:

·        Mentoring
·        Executive support
·        Leadership development

Staff Education

Kenyon Home Care Consulting develops training and educational materials specific to the industry and the organization. A well-trained staff allows your organization to function at optimum levels. Additionally, on-going training makes staff feel they are valued and increases loyalty to the organization while maximizing performance. Our support facilitates staff training, continuity in care, and creates comprehensive, customized solutions including but not limited to:

·        OASIS training for Medicare field staff
·        Disease specific training for field staff
·        Culinary training programs